13 novembre 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Harm Reduction:

Impact of COVID-19 on harm reduction efforts to address overdose: Developments and continuing challenges

Food security as harm reduction in times of COVID-19 and beyond

We are not in this together, We never have been

Gillian Kolla
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research
University of Victoria

Callie Lathem
Harm Reduction Worker and Health Promoter
Somerset West Community Health Centre (Ottawa)

Zoë Dodd
Toronto Overdose Prevention Society

13 novembre 2020

Nicotine Regulation and Interfaces with Harm Reduction:

Regulating modified risk claims under the Canada Tobacco and Vaping Products Act and the U.S. Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

Vaping: Policy reactions in panicked times

The ethics of tobacco harm reduction: An analysis of e-cigarette availability from the perspectives of utilitarianism, bioethics, and public health ethics

Sam Halabi
Professor, Law
University of Missouri

Amelia Howard
Doctoral Student, Sociology
University of Waterloo

Saul Shiffman
Professor, Psychology
University of Pittsburgh

13 novembre 2020

Harm Reduction and Indigenous Peoples:

Preventing perverse effects of tobacco control is also harm reduction – How New Zealand’s tobacco control programme helps but also harms the indigenous Maori people

Indigenous harm reduction = Reducing the harms of colonization

Marewa Glover
Director, Centre of Research Excellence – Indigenous Sovereignty & Smoking (New Zealand)

Tracey Prentice
Research Fellow, Public Health and Social Policy
University of Victoria

Trevor Stratton
International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS

13 novembre 2020

Harm Reduction at the Front Lines:

Normalizing and securing SCS in Canada

Harm reduction services in Ottawa: The culture of drug use

Criminalized and pathologized: The ethical tensions of harm reduction case management when supporting people who use drugs in acute mental distress

The moral economy of the movement for overdose prevention sites: Civil society and the management of the opioid “crisis”

Pillars before purpose: Has stigma affected the language of the four pillars?

Richard Elliott
Executive Director
HIV Legal Network

Marlene Haines
Doctoral Student, Nursing
University of Ottawa

Kourteney King
M.A. Student, Adult Education and Community Development
University of Toronto

Thomas Foth
Professor, Nursing
University of Ottawa

Gord Garner
Executive Director
Community Addictions Peer Support Association

13 novembre 2020

Virtual Naloxone Training Session

Mark Barnes
Respect Rx Pharmacies

13 novembre 2020

Challenges and Opportunities for Harm Reduction and Cannabis:

Cannabis et decriminalisation punitive : défis pour la reduction des méfaits

The regulation of cannabis and harm reduction

Cannabis as harm reduction: Epidemiological explorations at the intersection of pain and opioid use among people who use drugs in Vancouver

Through the harm reduction lens: Quality control assurances of cannabis in Canada

Joao Velloso
Professor, Law
University of Ottawa

Lorian Hardcastle
Professor, Law
University of Calgary

Stephanie Lake
Doctoral Student, Population and Public Health
University of British Columbia

Ryan Pusiak
Doctoral Student, Biology
University of Ottawa

13 novembre 2020

Harm Reduction: Definitions and Discourses:

Harm reduction: Context and considerations

Harm reduction works: Justice, inclusion and evidence in health policy

Chelsea Cox
Doctoral Student, Law
University of Ottawa

Alana Klein
Professor, Law
McGill University

13 novembre 2020

The Difference That Makes the Difference: Tobacco Harm Reduction Policy in The U.K. / Canada:

Martin Dockrell
Tobacco Control Programme Lead
Public Health England

David Sweanor
Adjunct Professor, Law
University of Ottawa
Public Health Advocate

13 novembre 2020

Drug Regulation Policies and Strategies:

Decriminalizing simple possession of drugs and harm reduction strategies

Problematizing safe consumption sites: A discourse analysis of Ontario’s consumption treatment site policy

Addressing the syndemic of HIV, hepatitis C, overdose, and COVID-19: The potential roles for safe supply and decriminalization

Line Beauchesne
Professor, Criminology
University of Ottawa

Stephanie Arlt
M.Sc. Student, Social Dimensions of Health
University of Victoria

Matt Bonn
Program Coordinator
Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs (CAPUD)

13 novembre 2020

Harm Reduction – Vaping and e-Cigarettes:

The impact of JUUL market entry on cigarette sales: Evidence of store-level sales decline

Stories from a vape shop owner

Review and Analysis of the decision and of the upcoming appeal in Association québécoise des vapoteries c. Procureure générale du Québec

Anindya Sen
Professor, Economics
University of Waterloo

Maria Papaioannoy-Duic
Founder and Owner
The Ecig Flavorium Vape Shop (Port Hope, Ontario)

Pascal Thibeault
Associate Director
University of Ottawa Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics

13 novembre 2020

Harm Reduction: Tailored Interventions and Applied Perspectives:

The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act: Measuring real-world impact

Long-overdue and still deficient: The Correctional Service of Canada’s prison needle exchange program

A frontline perspective on the future of harm reduction

Implementing supervised consumption services in acute care: Patient and staff perspectives

Janet Butler-McPhee
Director of Communications and Advocacy
HIV Legal Network

Sandra Ka Hon Chu
Director of Research and Advocacy
HIV Legal Network

Tali Magboo Cahill
Nursing Team Lead, Oasis Program
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (Ottawa)

Elaine Hyshka
Professor, Health Policy and Management
University of Alberta

18 octobre 2018

The Law, Policy and Ethics of Legal Cannabis

1er février 2017

Tobacco Plain Packaging: Public Policy, Private Rights?

David Sweanor
Former anti-big tobacco lawyer
Public health advocate

Teresa Scassa
Professor, Law
University of Ottawa